Geographica:Make data count.

Don't count data Makedatacount.

Efficient and intuitive Location Intelligence solutions that display, enrich and analyze data.


Maps & Charts

Analyse and visualise your information quickly and easily. We design unique solutions for you to view your data geolocated. Dashboards, Maps and Apps to create and view applications, reports, guidelines and indicators in real time.

Technologies PostSQL · PostGIS · CARTO · QGIS · Leaflet · Google Maps · Luciad · Maply · WhirlyGlobe · GEOS · D3.js · GDAL


Real Time and Efficiency

We design unique solutions for Smart City which allows to provide geolocated information in real time. Powerful and easily integrated with other applications. FIWARE + GIS + Usability = Successful Smart City.

Technologies PostgreSQL/PostGIS · CARTO · FIWARE IoT Stack · Python · Node.js · Docker · AWS · Spark

Analyze and Predict

Big Data & Machine Learning

Let data work for you. We use the latest technologies in GeoBig Data and Machine Learning. We are able to predict and infer data analysing past behaviours. Having a unique design that guarantee an intuitive use  and visually attractive.

Technologies SciPy · Python · NumPy · Pandas · Spark · R · Theano · TensorFlow

Featured Showcases

View all Data Science Real Madrid Baloncesto
Real Madrid Basketball: Visualization of match statistics

Dashboard and mobile application for Real Madrid Basketball, which allows analyzing the information of live and historical matches, aimed at its followers and technicians.

Location Intelligence Vodafone
Vodafone Analytics

Big Data and Location Intelligence for the analysis of competitive advantages of companies and town halls

Smart City Mexico City
NowCity: Tool for Mexico City government management

Tool that allows improving the management of local councils and local entities.

Smart City Telefónica
Urbo: Smart City Telefónica

Development of Smart City portal which allows visualization and analysis of information from sensors in real time.


banner for Smart Cities

Web Dashboard for viewing and monitoring indicators, incidents and alarms in Smart Cities. Configurable vertical and connected to sensors.

View showcase
banner for Administration

Intelligent solutions that facilitate the work of technicians and managers of Public Administrations in order to improve the services to citizens. Speed and data for a better decision-making.

View showcase
banner for Aeronautical

3D applications development and support to large enterprises for the collection and processing of information from weather forecasts, such as the World Area Forecast System (WAFS).

View showcase
banner for Environment

Applications that enhance the visualisation and analysis of biodiversity as well as technical and citizen participation.

View showcase
banner for Banking and Insurance

Dashboard that allows viewing and  geo-temporal analysis to internal and external data. Easiness and speed with which simplify the visualisation of its businesses.

View showcase
banner for Architecture

Expression and management of urban space. CAD, GIS, BIM and Generative Modelling working together.

View showcase
banner for Science

Custom developments for Scientific Entities and European projects.  

View showcase
banner for NGO´s

Risk and vulnerability analysis, response planning, support for collaborative causes.

View showcase


Data Science Specialist, Geographers, Informatics, Designers and Engineers are our main source.

Héctor García
Co-CEO • Founder
Alberto Asuero
Paula Juliá
Jose Gil
Head of design
Javier Aragón
Lead Engineer
Cayetano Benavent
Head of Data
Raúl Yeguas
Lead Engineer
José M. Camacho
Head of Data
Luis Arce
Backend Developer
Pablo Murillo
Isabel Pozuelo
Quality Assurance
Marta Domínguez
HR Director
Javier Gil
Ignacio Domingo
Project Manager
Janto Lima
Frontend Developer
Roberto Solís
Backend Developer
Álvaro Arredondo
Data Scientist
Margara Tejera
Project manager
Juan Domínguez
Frontend Developer
Jorge Chacón
Data Analyst
Iván Moreno
Frontend Developer
Alejandro Polvillo
Data Scientist
Pedro-Juan Ferrer
Project Manager
Manuel Colomé
Backend engineer
Juan Ramón González
Senior Backend Developer
Emilio Fernández
Backend Engineer
Azahara Benito
Roberto García
Backend developer
Cristina Luque


Enthusiasts of spatial data, designing and open source software, in Geographica we make data count with GIS, BI and Location Intelligence with intuitive solutions. We display, improve and analyze your data.


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    Clients in the 5 Continents

    Developments in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. Adapted to work in different time zones.  

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    Evolution of our team

    We have tripled the staff in the last 3 years. A team on the rise, stable and permanent beta.

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    More than 100 years of experience and growing up

    We add between the whole team in GIS, Design, Machine Learning and Data.


From 2007, more than 361 clients from 16 countries have trusted on us and in this time, we have developed more than 217 web and mobile applications.

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